Horse World Connect Podcast

Conscious Hoofbeat Episode #48: The Fifth Episode in the ‘Riding After 40’ Series

April 11, 2021

Horse World Connect is bringing you a Trifecta of podcasts today.  Three of our top podcast contributors all on the same day!  Grab a beverage, put your feet up and enjoy a Sunday dive into this amazing life we share with horses through the eyes of Dr. Pamela Maynard, Gloria Lybecker and Kim Cardeccia.  

Dr. Pamela continues to share wise horsewoman wisdom from lifelong horse lovers. If you are a horsewoman over 40, this series explores what and how we do horses differently in this new phase of our lives. Listen to Dr. Pamela and Equine-Guided Education Coach—Hallie Bigliardi from San Jose, CA—have a heart-to-heart conversation about our evolving passion and love for horses!

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