Horse World Connect Podcast

Schelli Whitehouse: Quantum Leap Principle #10 Courage

January 16, 2020

"As a quality of quantum leap readiness, courage is a way of being. 

You are courageous if you have taken even one step toward building your own business with the intention of creating something wonderful for yourself and your herd. 

Becoming a soulful entrepreneur is one of most challenging, enlightening, rewarding, scary, gut wrenching, fulfilling adventures you can possibly embark upon. Just because you’re scared sh!tless doesn’t mean you don’t have courage! 

Think of a time you might of asked your horse to cross a wide creek of fast moving water. Or with some horses, a tiny mud puddle! Did she balk, backed up, spin around, say ‘no’ every way she could think to make you understand she did not want to cross that water? And you lovingly held your intention and belief in her ability to step into uncertainty....."

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