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Healing You with Gloria Lybecker: Conversations Aroubd Racial Tension

March 14, 2021

I had to pull out this past podcast from HWC Mastermind Gloria Lybecker in light of the recent anniversary of the slaying of Brianna Taylor and the ongoing trial involving the death of George Floyd.  
These may not be subjects many of us want to dwell on and it may not seem applicable to our lives with horses.  But racial tensions are part of every aspect of our current lives and something that impacts us all in one way or another.  Gloria offers us some tools to exploring our feelings around the injustices in our society around race.  As a horsewoman, it reminds me to be aware of how this may show up in my world.  Where do you see racial disparities in your participation with horses?  Do you even perhaps contribute to it or do you look for opportunities to celebrate diversity in our industry?  All things to contemplate as we enter a week that will certainly place more attention on racial justice as a whole in our society.  A good way to prepare is to listen to Gloria as she guides us through ways to face our concerns, insecurities or outrage at the state of things.

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