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Healing You Sanctuary: It’s Too Late

July 19, 2020

How many times have you heard "It's Never Too Late"!  And yet, how many times have you felt just the opposite? 

I remember as a kid I dreamed of being the youngest Grand Prix Showjumping rider of all times!  Later, I adjusted that goal to be the first Amateur rider to win an Invitational Grand Prix!  Years later, I gave in to the idea that I would be the OLDEST person to ride in their first Grand Prix.  Oh well, now I am pretty happy just watching from the stands and enjoying what my horse and I can do together on our own time.  

Gloria Lybecker shares ideas around that feeling of running out of time and gives us tools for practicing self-compassion and discovering wisdom to help us appreciate that, whatever time it is, it is the Time of Our Lives! 

Take the time to listen to this lesson from the Healing You Sanctuary, won't you?

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